Types of events included:

  • Conventions (Comic Con, Drag Con, Beauty and Fashion Conventions)

  • Concerts and Festivals

  • Outdoor Large Attendance Events (Fairs, X-Games, Red Bull Events)


  • 3 completed patch challenges. This does not include your Babes patch. Haven’t started? No problem! Start anytime.

  • Patches must be ironed onto your black denim jacket prior to the event. Yep, you guessed it. You’re wearing it! Don’t have your jacket yet? No problem! Buy ours HERE or use your own.

Events are subject to availability. Please have a backup in mind. Babes are expected to promote, but we do want you to enjoy yourself. Remember when you’re wearing your jacket, you are representing the brand. Promo packs, tickets, and instructions are mailed via USPS. Please make sure your current address in on file. Applications must be submitted AT LEAST 30 DAYS prior to the event, no exceptions. Babes are allowed to apply every 90 days. THE BEST PART? YOU EARN A PATCH FOR EVERY EVENT YOU SUCCESSFULLY ATTEND AS AN AMBASSADOR.

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