“Live life fearlessly. Push ideas forward that tackle conformity. Fuck the feeling of not having a place where you belong. Bete Noire fosters community among the wanderers, the odd and colorful -- those with attitude, individuality, and the desire to break free. We think differently, live unconventionally, and stand together as one. We are despised. We are their Bete Noire." - Bête Noire Mantra

Bête Noire was founded in 2017 by Alicia Rau to create a brand that offers classic alternative style for all.

Alicia grew up in an exceptionally creative home. Her Mother, Cindy, and Grandmother, Antoinette, encouraged her to be different from a young age. When she couldn't find the clothing items in a store she wanted, Cindy would make them for her. "My Mom is a brilliant seamstress." Alicia said. "I'd tell her what I wanted, and she would make it. There were no boundaries. Whatever it was, she would find a way to bring it to life. That molded my out of the box thinking." Her Grandma gave her her first Singer sewing machine for Christmas at age 9.

After high school, Alicia moved to Los Angeles to attend FIDM. While living Downtown LA, she fell head over heels for the fashion district. "I would walk down Santee street and just explore for hours. All the fabrics, the people, the jewelry. It was fast paced and eccentric. It felt like home."

Alicia's passion for fashion and design never died, but was re-ignited after the passing of her grandfather.

Bête Noire was created to not only carry on Alicia's devotion to creativity, but to create a community among the PEOPLE, and to shape a legacy in honor of her family.

Today, Bête Noire is here to bring alternative style to the masses, while encouraging those of all ages to embrace their individuality.